Freelance CTO

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.

Hi. I’m John.

I’ve been getting technology
off the ground for decades.

If there is one thing I have learned in my career it's that technology mistakes are unavoidable. But with the right planning (ideally) and correction (if needed), mistakes do not have to be crippling setbacks. My goal is to ensure that these mistakes are nothing more than sentimental anecdotes on the road to a great product. It just so happens that empowering people to do their best is an awesome feeling.... that I am addicted to.

From MIT Media Lab to building HotWired, Geocities, and helping dozens of companies in all stages of growth, I have seen it all, but I am always looking for more challenges. If I can help you or your company in the following ways, let's connect.


Your business is burning to the ground. The technology platform is on fire. You either never launched or something incredibly big like credit card processing is broken. When I come into this situation, I am doing big things like reviewing the whole team and fixing it. Or dumping the entire infrastructure and rebuilding it all from scratch (usually on an entirely different platform). These are CTO-level situations. Heavy heavy lifting is required.


Your business is not moving forward. Your technology platform isn't broken, but it can grow no further. Much of what you are doing is manual or through vendors, and time and costs of these efforts are adding up. This makes rebuilding the platform easy and straightforward as you have an existing profitable product and a well-prioritized list of future features. These are Technology Advisor or CTO positions for me and will only work if I have the right team in place (i.e. I vetted and/or helped put them in place).


Your business is totally new and must be built from the ground up. I have the most experience here. In 20+ years, I have built 40+ products/companies from the top to bottom. These are tons of fun, but usually start with much smaller budgets, as you must prove your business concept before scaling up. These are typically Technology Advisor situations.

So... How can I help you?